This poem won an Honorary Mention in the Ohio Poetry Day "Healing" contest.  It is an homage to the incredible women who fight and survive breast cancer and the redemptive power of the human touch.

Here are some of the poems Chris has published in the last years or so, along with brief descriptions of each.  More are on the way soon!

This poem won an Honorary Mention in the Ohio Poetry Day "Small Stuff" contest.  The guidelines were to write a poem that would be of interest to children aged 5-9 to read themselves or have read to them.

Garbage appeared in "Lost and Found", an anthology of poems, memoirs and short stories published by the Columbus State Community College GEM-C Writers.  It is a sad but true recounting of the shame associated with addiction.

Christopher Minton


The Drink was included in Common Ground, an annual collection of poems put out by the Ohio Poetry Association.  Research suggests that alcohol was intentionally fermented as long ago as 10,000BC.  It has provided great joy and sorrow ever since.    

This poem looks at self-talk (which can be both positive and negative, but seems to trend towards the latter) and what happens when it's examined.  It was published in Mad Swirl.

Sleepy Days received an Honorary Mention in the Ohio Poetry Day "Tessa Webb Memorial" contest.  The guidelines were to write a terza rima on any subject.  Terza rima is a 14-line poem with interlocking rhyme schemes written primarily in tercets.

Memphis Bullet was selected for the Evan Lodge Workshop Award for Ohio Poetry Day in 2018.  It was written on April 4th to honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

This poem was written while sitting on Old Round Top, the scene of the bloodiest battle during the fighting at Gettysburg.  It received an Honorary Mention in the Ohio Poetry Day "Welcome Aboard" contest.

Chris' first foray into poetry occurred when he served as editor of his high school's creative writing magazine.  In the years that followed, he occasionally penned a poem when inspiration struck.  That changed in 2014 when inspiration stuck!  Since then, he's been churning out poems consistently.  

In the last few years, Chris' poems have appeared in several online and print publications, including Common Ground (an annual publication of the Ohio Poetry Association), Mad Swirl and Lost and Found.

In 2018, five of his poems placed or received honorable mentions in various categories as part of the annual Ohio Poetry Day competition: Memphis Bullet, Gettysburg, Sleepy Days, Br-Egg-Fast and Today (all of which you can read below).

Chris is a member of Bistro Poets, a select group of local poets who meet ​monthly to workshop poems and refine their craft, and loves reading his poems at local events.