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How The Story Ends

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Autumn Leaves



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Christopher Minton



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Defrost Me

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Here are some of some of the vocal and instrumental tracks that Chris recorded back in 2015.  Newer and better recordings are coming soon!

In A Moment

Return to Stinson Beach

In 2007, Chris decided to learn how to play the piano and began taking lessons through the Jefferson Academy of Music at The Ohio State University.  Several years later he became interested in composition and took up instruction at Second Floor Studios in Grandview in songwriting.  A few years after, he began performing at local open mic nights.  

In 2015, Chris went into the recording studio and left having created two CDs:  "Roar" - a collection of original instrumental and vocal tracks, and "12" - original songs that align with the 12 steps of recovery.  Below are a few of the songs from Roar.  To learn about Chris' step songs and give them a listen, visit 12-Step-Songs.com.

These days, Chris is actively involved in the songwriting community.  He hosts the Songwriter Tent at the Westerville Arts and Music Festival, plays with the Conduit and The 12 Steppers, and continues to perform solo at open mics and other musical events.