An avid reader growing up, Chris began to explore fiction writing himself back in 2012 when he began writing a novel entitled A Short History of the World (which ended up being a not-so-short multiyear process).  He was inspired to continue his fiction writing when he won a 2014 international flash fiction contest sponsored by Brilliant Flash Fiction.

Since then, Chris has written two short story collections.  The Life & Times of JJ Pepper features featuring JJPepper, a protagonist who is sometimes old and sometimes young, sometimes married and sometimes single, sometimes heroic and sometimes pathetic, sometimes the cop and sometimes the criminal - and always a walking contradiction.  Intersection contains non-JJ pieces, many of which have an otherly-world feel (perhaps influenced by all the Stephen King stories rabidly consumed as a youth).


Chris is currently shopping the novel and short story collections for publication

The Visitor was published in Lost and Found, an anthology of poems, memoirs and stories put out by the Columbus State Community College GEM-C Writers.  

While the story touches on the ever-growing problem of teen suicide (which increased 70% between 2006 and 2016, according the Centers For Disease Control), the real tale is the relationship between the teen's mother and her best friend from college.

The Wicked One was a very difficult story to write.  It may be a difficult story to read.  It was published on Mad Swirl in 2016.

The End of The Road was also published in Lost and Found.  

Growing up, Chris spent part of every summer with his grandparents on Lake Cumberland, which was the inspiration for this story.  

Rural Kentucky was a strange and beautiful place for a city boy.  Midnight excursions, whether swimming in the lake or frog gigging at Farmer Wendell's pond, gave darkness a whole new meaning - and fertilized the imagination!

Here are a few of Chris' short stories, along with brief descriptions of each.  More are on the way soon!

Pursuit is one of the earliest JJ Pepper shorts.  

The story combines two of Chris' true loves: baseball and the piano.    

Christopher Minton